The Newberry to Launch New Online Catalog System June 24

On June 24, the Newberry will implement a new library system, Alma/Primo VE.

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On June 24, the Newberry will implement a new library system, Alma/Primo VE. This system will include a new interface used to access the Newberry online catalog, and will provide improved and expanded search capabilities for digital resources, journal articles, and other information sources.

More information and training opportunities will be coming soon; for now, please see the following Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Primo VE?

Primo VE is a discovery service that makes it easier and more expedient for users to find resources across different formats. It will provide additional functionality, align with current researcher searching behavior, and improve issues related to catalog maintenance.

Why is the Newberry moving to a new catalog interface?

The Newberry is a member library of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois (CARLI). On June 24, 2020, CARLI will retire its VuFind and "Classic"Catalog interfaces for the 91 institutions that are part of CARLI’s I-Share resource sharing system (including the Newberry). The decision was made based on a number of factors, including the end of technical support for the previous systems by the vendor that owned it.

Will former Newberry catalog interfaces remain available?

The Classic and VuFind versions of the library catalog will continue to be available as a static interface after June 24 until October 30. Links from previous Newberry catalog interfaces will also be functional until October 30. New links to catalog records in Primo VE will become available once the new system goes live. The Modern Manuscripts search page and Digital Collections portal will not be affected by this change.

What are some new features included in this system?

The search tools offered by Primo VE are intended to make searching easier and more customizable. In a single search, the new Catalog combines both physical library collections (such as books, journals, archives) and online resources (such as e-books, article databases and newspapers). Primo VE also gives users the option to include results from both the Newberry’s local catalog and the I-Share catalog.

Will I be able to search for items in the same ways as before?

Yes, catalog record information will not change with the conversion and users can still search by author, title, or call number. Some search functions may change slightly and Primo VE will also introduce some new search tools. Primo VE uses faceted searching which lets users sort and filter their results quickly. For more information about searching in Primo VE, a related research guide will be published soon.

Will I request materials for use at the Newberry in the same way as before?

Yes, catalog records in Primo VE will include a request link which will prompt you to log into your Aeon account to place the request.