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The Newberry's collections, programs, and exhibitions have been free and open to all since 1887. Curious people from all over visit to research topics of interest, discover their family history, take classes, or learn something new and unexpected.

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A Show of Hands: Handwriting in the Age of Print

Sep 09–Dec 30, 2022

Handwriting didn't disappear with the invention of the printing press. Or the typewriter. Or the Internet. It evolved.

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Our Collection Is Your Collection

Whether it's a letter from Michelangelo or a doodle drawn in a 19th-century textbook by a procrastinating student, primary sources bring the past to life. You’re free to explore these historic materials online or in person at the Newberry.


Event—Adult Education

Stalin's Soviet Union: Famine, Terror, War

Weekly on Tuesdays, Oct 04–Dec 06, 2022

The horrific experiences of the Soviet peoples during the regime of Josef Stalin continue to stagger the imagination. This class will explore the historical context in which Stalin emerged to dominance and examine the extent of his crimes.

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Event—Adult Education


Weekly on Tuesdays, Nov 08–Dec 06, 2022

This class follows five of Charlie Chaplin’s films in a progressive exploration of the filmmaker’s remarkable life and art.

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Research Your Family History

The Newberry is a leading center of genealogy research. Wherever you are in the process of researching your family history, we can help.

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Exhibitions bridge the past and present using historic items from the Newberry collection.

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