Swedish Genealogy

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Guides and Bibliographies

Ander, O. Fritiof. The Cultural Heritage of the Swedish Immigrant: Selected References. Rock Island, IL: Augustana College Library, 1956. Call # lowercase f 8398.035. Lists a variety of works related to Swedish Americans.

Guide to Swedish-American Archival and Manuscript Sources in the United States. Chicago: Swedish-American Historical Society, 1983. Call # Z1361.S9 G85.

Historical Background Affecting Genealogical Research in Sweden. Salt Lake City, UT: LDS Church, 1976. Call # folio CS923.H57 1976.

Johansson, Carl Erik. Cradled in Sweden: A Practical Help Guide to Genealogical Research in Swedish Records. Logan, UT: Everton Pub., 1977. Call # CS2601.J6 1977 (2nd floor open shelf).

Major Genealogical Record Sources in Sweden. Salt Lake City, UT: LDS Church, 1974. Call # folio CS923.M36 1974.

Erickson, James E. and Nils William Olsson. Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry. New York: Swedish Information Service, 2000. Call # CS922 .E75 2000 (2nd floor open shelf).

Atlases and Gazetteers

Landelius, Otto Robert. Swedish Place-Names in North America. Trans. Karin Franzen. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1985. Call # E155.L36 1985.

National Atlas of Sweden. Ed. Leif Wastenson. Stockholm: SNA Pub., 1990. Call # folio G2070.N38 1990. See pages 152-153 for information on using Swedish maps for genealogical purposes.

An overview of the Newberry’s map holdings.

Biographical and Historical

Benson, Adolph and Naboth Hedin. Americans from Sweden. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1950. Call # F8398.088.

Johnson, Amandus. Swedish Contributions to American Freedom, 1776-1783. Philadelphia: Swedish Colonial Foundation, 1953. Call # F8398.454.

Kastrup, Allan. The Swedish Heritage in America. St. Paul, MN: Swedish Council of America, 1975. Call # E184.S23 K37.

Nelson, Olof Nickolaus. History of the Scandinavians and Successful Scandinavians in the United States. 2nd ed. Minneapolis, MN: O. N. Nelson and Co., 1900. Call # F8398.62. Focuses on Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Nordstrom, Lars, ed. Swedish Roots, Oregon Lives: An Oral History Project. Portland, OR: Swedish Roots in Oregon, [2013]. Call # F885 .S23 S96 2013

Norelius, Eric. The Pioneer Swedish Settlements and Swedish Lutheran Churches in America 1845-1860. Trans. Conrad Bergendoff. Rock Island, IL: Augustana Historical Society, 1984. Call # E184.S23 N8 1984. Selected chapters from Eric Norelius’ 1890 book.

Setterdahl, Lilly. True Immigrant Stories: the Swedes of Cleveland, Ohio 1873-2013. Cleveland: Vasa Order of America, Lodge No. 130. Call # F499 .C69 S23 2014

Swedes in America 1638-1938. Ed. Adolph Benson and Naboth Hedin. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1938. Call # F8398.09. Includes chapters on inventors, lawyers, doctors, etc.

Westman, Erik G. and E. Gustav Johnson. The Swedish Element in America: A Comprehensive History of Swedish-American Achievements from 1638-Present Day. 3 vols. Chicago: Swedish-American Biographical Society, 1931. Call # F8398.853.


Also see Passenger List guide.

Lagevik, Elsa. The People of the Red Barns: Emigrants from Västmanlands, Kopparbergs, Gävleborgs, Västernorrlands, Jämtlands, Västerbottens, and Norrbottens län, 1851-1863. Trans. Vicky Oliver. Ockelbo, Sweden: E. Lagevik, 1996. Call # folio E184.S23 L34 1996.

Olsson, Nils William and Erik Wiken. Swedish Passenger Arrivals in the United States, 1820-1850. Stockholm: Schmidts Boktryckeri AB, 1995. Call # E184.S23 O45 1995 (2nd floor open shelf).

Uppsala. Universitet. Emigrationsforskningsgruppen. From Sweden to America : a history of the migration. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1976. Call # 4A 22008.

Chicago Resources

Swedish-American Life in Chicago...1850-1930. Ed. Philip J. Anderson and Dag Blanck. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1992. Call # F548.9 S23 S88 1992.

Beijbom, Ulf. Swedes in Chicago: A Demographic and Social Study of the 1846-1880 Immigration. Stockholm: Läromedelsforlagen, 1971. Call # HN80.C5 B413.

Nilson, Allan T. An English Translation of Chapters Two and Three from De Byggde Jarnvagsvagnar: Emigranterna fran Ryfors hos Pullman i Chicago. Trans. Raymond E. Johnson. South Holland, IL: South Suburban Genealogical and Historical Society, 2000. Call # folio F550.S23 N5517 1999. Relates to Swedes who lived and worked in Pullman.

Olson, Ernst Wilhelm. The Swedish Element in Illinois: A Survey of the Past Seven Decades. Chicago: Swedish- American Biographical Association, 1917. Call # F896.643. Includes biographical sketches, some church and industry information.

Swedish Voters in Chicago, 1888: Based on the Voter Registrations of 1888. Ed. Nils William Olsson. Winter Park: FL: SAG Publications, 1999. Call # F550.S23 O48 1999 (2nd floor open shelf).


Swedish American Genealogist. Winter Park, FL: Swedish American Genealogist, 1981-. Holdings: Vol. 1 (1981) currently received. Call # E184.S23 S88. Indexed yearly.

Swedish American Historical Quarterly. Chicago: Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, 1950-. Holdings: Vol. 1 (1950) currently received. Call # F8398.856. Index for 1950-1969 only. Articles published between 1950-2002 are listed in Jan. 2003 issue.


McKay’s Modern English-Swedish and Swedish-English Dictionary. New York: D. McKay Co., 1972. Call # Ref PD5640 .N613 1972 (3rd floor open shelf).

Additional Resources

The Swenson Center at Augustana College (309-794-7024) is a major repository of Swedish-American resources.

The F. M. Johnson Archives and Special Collections at North Park University 3225 W. Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 (773-244-6223), maintains the Swedish-American Archives of Greater Chicago.

The University of Minnesota Library, 309 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, 55455 (612-626-2227), collects materials related to Swedish-American heritage and history.

FamilySearch offers many Swedish-related materials.