Image Research

The Newberry's collections contain countless images. Currently, there is no central database or file containing Newberry images. In order to find images appropriate to your research, you must browse through books, manuscript collections, periodicals, sheet music, databases, and other resources. Although we are unable to undertake image research on your behalf, we can help you devise search strategies for images. Please contact us if you have any questions.

See Order Digital Files to order copies of images from the Newberry.

Newberry Research Tips

In order to find items with potential images, please consult the following tools:

  • The Newberry's Online Catalog is the primary tool for identifying and locating resources relevant to your research. Books, maps, periodicals, and manuscripts are listed in this catalog.
  • The Newberry holds an estimated 500,000 maps issued separately and in atlases and books. More than 50,000 records for maps, atlases, and literature on the history of cartography are available through the online catalog.
  • Manuscripts are under-represented in the online catalog, having been traditionally described with paper finding aids and checklists. To explore the manuscript collections, please consult the online catalog and the Newberry's Modern Manuscript Collection.

Digital Images from Newberry Collections

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